Dotz Nano Ltd. is an exciting new venture, aimed at capitalizing on the technological innovation in the Graphene Quantum Dots (GQD) market. Its vision is to be the premier producer of GQDs by producing and supplying high quality GQDs for use in various applications including medical imaging, sensing, consumer electronics, energy storage, solar cells and computer storage.




Dotz Nano Ltd. was incorporated in March 2014 and partnered with Rice University to develop and commercialize a new and innovative technology that will change the GQD market. Invested in by several private investors, Dotz Nano Ltd. has signed an R&D agreement with the Tour Lab Group at Rice University, one of the 5 leading groups in Graphene R&D today, to develop various products and applications for Dotz Nano Ltd GQDs.


Advisory Board & Management


Moti Gross

Phd – CEO

Moti Gross has extensive managerial experience leading technological companies, developing business strategy for ongoing enterprises and start-ups. Dr. Gross has promoted various technological projects including raising capital in both government and private sectors, developing and remodeling business tactics and strategies and building business models for numerous companies. Dr. Gross earned his PhD in Economics and Finance at Oxford University.


Prof. James Tour

Chief Scientific Advisor

Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering and a Professor of Computer Science at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He is well known for his work in molecular electronics and molecular switching molecules. Prof. Tour holds more than 60 US patents and has over 500 publications. He was named among “the 50 most Influential Scientists in the world today” in 2014 and was selected as Scientist of the Year by R&D magazine in 2013.


Dr. Michael Shtein

Phd – CTO

Dr. Shtein holds a Ph.D. in Nano technology interdisciplinary studies from Ben-Gurion University; together with an M.Sc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. He was the Chief Material Engineer – R&D Department for the Israeli Ministry of defense and has developed several new materials and compounds. His main research topic are; Composite nanomaterials (CNT,Graphene,WS2).

Mr. Steve Bajic

Mr. Steve Bajic


Mr. Bajic has been in the finance industry for 20 years and has helped raise capital in various industries at all levels of company advancement. He has an extensive resume of current and past private and public director and officer positions.

Mr. Ashley Krongold

Mr. Ashley Krongold


Mr Krongold, has spent 15 years in the Investment Banking and Accounting industries. He was a founding member of Investec Bank Australia and is currently CEO of the Krongold Group and a non-executive director of Weebit Nano Ltd (ASX: WBT). Ashley is also a founding General Partner of global equity crowd-funding platform, OurCrowd.


Mr. Menashe Baruch


Mr. Menashe Baruch is an experienced entrepreneur in the field of retail sales as well as an experienced investor in hi-tech companies over the past 10 years.


Mr. Faldi Ismail


Mr Ismail is an experienced corporate advisor with significant ASX listed companies experience. Mr Ismail is also the founder and operator of Otsana Capital, a boutique advisory firm. He also currently sits on the board of a number of ASX listed companies.


Our Mission

To provide the industry with cheaper, high quality Graphene Quantum Dots in large quantities and make this miracle product available to all.




The Challenge

Most GQDs available today are based on bulk Graphene sources which in turn are based on Graphite raw materials. This makes GQDs extremely expensive, with high cost production processes manufacturing very small amounts of GQDs.



Dotz Nano Ltd. technological production of GQDs is based on a process developed by Rice University’s Prof. James Tour, one of the leading, if not premier, scientists and listed as one of the 50 most influential scientists in the world today. This technology sources GQDs from cheap Coal in a much cheaper and efficient production process.



With their characteristics, Dotz Nano Ltd GQDs resist photobleaching, a known and problematic trait of fluorescent spectroscopy. Low cost of the raw material will also be a benefit. High quality Graphite is $2,000 a ton while cheaper graphite is $800 a ton from China. Coal is $10 to $60 a ton. Coal is the cheapest for producing GQDs, and the process offers a 20 percent production yield. All involved in this market agree that this discovery can really change the quantum dot industry.