Olive Oil (In Development)

Dotz is continuously developing new and ground-breaking applications, to meet existing and future market needs. Our R&D department has ongoing collaborations with prominent academic institutes around the world, as well as leading global corporations.



The Problem

Olive oil is perhaps one of the most popular food staples on the planet, and is purchased for both its flavour and health benefits. But unfortunately, it’s also one of the foods that government reports have cited as most frequently counterfeited or at risk for fraud.

Recent Independent tests at the University of California found that 69% of all store-bought extra virgin olive oils in the US are probably fake. This study also reported that some brands failed to meet extra virgin olive oil standards.

CBS’s “60 minutes” has exposed in 2016 that Italian Mafia had a product that’s extracted from already-pressed fruit pulp using chemical solvents, then labeling the low-quality, adulterated oil products as extra virgin olive oil. There have been reports of “fake” extra virgin being produced in Italy and Spain, with CBS suggesting fake oil was three times more lucrative than cocaine.


The Solution – ValiDotz™

ValiDotz™ has many unique features that enable it to tag or mark oils in bulk quantities that can be then transferred to smaller packages if required:

  • The quantity required for marking is extremely low (PPB levels).
  • Tagging of bulk liquids in large volumes is highly cost effective.
  • With almost infinite encoding combinations a signature can be created for every client / batch / lot number.
  • Since both Matrix and Taggant are carbon-based, it is almost impossible to tell them apart and to reverse engineer the combination.
  • Compatible with any bulk liquid.
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not affect the properties, taste and/or appearance of the tagged products
  • Stable over time in harsh conditions.
  • Can be detected in the field with a simple technique and inexpensive reader – InSpec™.