Cyan Luminescent

Graphene Quantum Dots

(GQDs)(Product number GQD-W-201)

  • Appearance:
    Dark yellowish suspension
  • Photoluminescence:
    Absolute quantum yield: >29%
    Maximum excitation wavelength: 420nm
    Maximum emission: 490nm
    Full width at half maximum: 80nm
  • Particle size:
    Particle diameter: <5nm
    Topographic height: 1–2.0nm
  • Concentration:
  • Medium:
    DI Water
  1. Optical image of diluted GQDs suspension under visible (left) and 365nm UV light (right).
  2. Optical image of GQDs suspension (1mg/mL).
  3. Typical TEM image of GQDs. Inset: HR-TEM image of GQD.
  1. Excitation and emission contour map of GQDs.
  2. Photoluminescence emission of GQDs excited at 420nm.
  3. Absorption spectra of GQDs.

Instructions for storage and handling:

Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a dark environment.
Do not freeze.

Packaging Specifications

Typical packaging for research and sample includes plastic 100mL vials. Shipping documentation includes a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet.

Suggested application:

Graphene quantum dots (GQDs), sheets of few-layered graphene and lateral dimensions smaller than 100nm, possess strong quantum confinement and edge effects. Thus, they possess unique physical properties such as strong photoluminescence, which can be tailored for specific applications by controlling their size, shape, defects, and functionality.

In contrast to classic QDs, such as metal or silicon quantum dots, GQDs are biocompatible, photostable and inherit superior thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties from the graphene. These features can greatly contribute to various state-of-the-art applications:

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