What Are ValiDotz™ ?

ValiDotz™ are the newest member of the Advance Materials sector. Small, microscopic sized particles that have the most interesting phenomenon of fluorescing when exposed to UV light!!

Quantum dots produced today are based on Inorganics, usually metals, which although giving them excellent fluorescent attributes, are also very toxic, therefore limiting their use in many applications.

At Dotz we have developed a proprietary technology that creates high yield, non-toxic, organic based ValiDotz™ in a cost-efficient manner.

And with various, ground-breaking manufacturing techniques, we can easily change the colors they fluoresce in.

Its unique characteristics makes our ValiDotz™ a perfect solution for numerous applications such as:

  • Anticounterfeiting
  • Brand & Reputation Protection
  • Oil Industry – Both Up-Stream and Down-Stream Applications
  • Liquids Tagging and Tracing
  • Lubricants, DEF and Oils Validation
  • Polymers Tagging
  • Bio-Imaging
  • Food & Beverages Authentication