Wine & Spirits (In Development)

Dotz is continuously developing new and ground-breaking applications, to meet existing and future market needs. Our R&D department has ongoing collaborations with prominent academic institutes around the world, as well as leading global corporations.



The Problem

According to IFSP (International Federation of Spirits Producers), 1 Billion dollars of revenue is lost every year due to the presence of illicit products on markets. In addition to the loss of revenue for the industry, the consequences for consumers can sometimes be disastrous, due to liquids the origin and content of which are unknown.

The most widespread types of counterfeiting range from adulteration to re-labeling of low value bottles with (false) vintage wine labels, and include counterfeiting of the oldest and most valuable vintages.


It is estimated that worldwide 30% of spirits consumed are illicit, and 20% of wines consumed are counterfeit.


Challenges for Wine and Spirits brands

  • Control supply chains and parallel markets
  • Protect against counterfeiting and product liability
  • Enable continuous traceability to protect consumers’ health
  • Collect market data (purchasing behavior, etc.)
  • Create and maintain links with the customer (personalized experience, communication with the brand.)


The Solution – ValiDotz™

ValiDotz™ has many unique features that enable it to tag or mark wine &spirits in bulk quantities that can be then transferred to smaller packages if required:

  • The quantity required for marking is extremely low (PPB levels).
  • Tagging of bulk liquids in large volumes is highly cost effective.
  • With almost infinite encoding combinations a signature can be created for every client / batch / lot number.
  • Nearly impossible to reverse engineer.
  • Compatible with any bulk liquid.
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not affect the properties, taste and/or appearance of the tagged products
  • Stable over time in harsh conditions.
  • Has a unique footprint that can thwart any attempt to replicate the taggant.

Can be detected in the field with a simple technique and inexpensive reader – InSpec™.